samedi 20 août 2011

The lunacy of Sarah Palin supporters

MSNBC's Martin Bashir fights back against the froth-mouthed Palinistas who are freaking out because he dared to point out that their anointed deity is making a shitload of money, and that maybe money, rather than a run for higher office, is the point:

There's nothing here that's wrong, or even insulting to the glass jaw of Evita Mooselini. Especially when her own husband admits she's in it for the money:

I don't object to anyone going for the money. Yesterday I shocked some co-workers by expressing some admiration for Jersey Shore's Snooki, because here's a young woman of no achievement, little grey matter in her cranium, she's 4'9" tall and chubby, and she's been able to parlay that into enough money so that she never has to work again. At a time when working Americans are seeing the lives they've been living pulled out from under them because the wealthiest corporate executives simply do not have enough money yet to fill the vacant black hole in their souls, it's hard to judge those who through skill, luck, or even just plain cynicism, have the opportunity to go for the lucre.

The problem isn't Sarah Palin deciding to go for the money. After all, with all the lawsuits against the Palins stemming from Evita's abuse of power while governor of Alaska, I'm sure they ARE deeply in debt -- or were, until Palin realized that in most cases, she can knock just about anyone, even fellow religious fanatic and model Republican Stepford wife Michele Bachmann, off-camera. The problem is that she's painting herself as some kind of public servant while she's doing it, and trying to dupe some of the very people from under whom the rug is being pulled, that she gives a shit about them.

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