dimanche 25 septembre 2011

جوجل الجاذبية Play With Google Gravity

google gravity

There are lot of people online who play with Google Homepage everyday in one or the other way., One like that can be found on MRDoob’s page which is given below. The MR Doob team have designed a webpage in which Google Homepage falls down from the top as soon as you move cursor inside the page. You can also click on the fell down Google homepage to move them to top, to make them oscillate and play with it. This works best on Google Chrome, But you can also try this on Firefox with limited options.

It is really cool to see the Internet Gaint Google to fall down ;)

To get this Gravity webpage, Follow the following instructions :

  • Open Google.com
  • Go to Search settings option.
  • Turn off Instant search.
  • Now visit Google.com again and enter Google Gravity in the search box.
  • Now press I am Lucky button

You can also visit this link for getting instant access to the Google Gravity webpage

Google is always easy to use. Now, you can play with Google. Ricardo Cabello a designer/developer has created Google Gravity. A fun filled site, in which the elements of the Google Home page are subjected to gravitational force and they fall down.

You can still use Google Gravity to search the web. Google Gravity turns of search experience into a fun filled playful one. You can play with the elements in Google Gravity, like the Google logo or the search box or links. You can drag them and throw them or do whatever you want. Play with Google Gravity and share your experience with us.


google gravity Play With Google Gravity

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