vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Proof that Republicans simply cannot check their own impulses

This answer from Rick Santorum to a question from a gay soldier serving in Iraq tells us more about Rick Santorum than he realizes:

Most bloggers are emphasizing how the audience boos a man who is SERVING HIS COUNTRY, but for me the more interesting part of this exchange is that the soldier is talking about sexual orientation, but Santorum answers a question that wasn't even asked about sexual activity.

I'm straight. That is my sexual orientation. That doesn't mean I'm having sex all the time. I have friends who are gay. They have jobs, kids, hobbies, pets, they participate in their communities, they work for a living. Some gay people in America are soldiers. This does not mean that THEY are having sex constantly either.

That Rick Santorum can't seem to get that through his head tells us a lot about Republican sex scandals, and about why they feel they have to control the behavior of everyone else. It's because they are simply unable to control their own impulsivity, and they can't imagine how anyone else can.

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