lundi 21 novembre 2011

And yet they have time for this

I don't answer my land line phone at home. I screen all calls, and return calls I want to return. I do this because despite being on the "do not call" list, my phone often rings off the hook with nonprofits and political groups wanting money and robocalls from groups and politicians. I have a policy: I only give to individual candidates as I see fit, and I only give to local nonprofits -- mostly animal shelters and food pantries --where I know the money they raise isn't going for bloated administrative salaries and the mailing of free crap in fundraising letters. So it's a waste of time for telemarketers to contact me.

I use my cell phone a lot more than I used to. It isn't that I talk more on the phone for fun, because I actually hate talking on the phone. But I spend at least a third to half of my work time on teleconferences, and when I'm at home, I use my cell phone to access them. So in some months, I might use my entire 500 shared monthly minutes allowance in a single week.

But now the telecommunications industry seeks the ability to use up your minutes by haranguing you with robocalls on your cell phone.

The Mobile Information Call Act is a proposal by Nebraska congressman Lee Terry. Yes, he is a Republican. The Republicans have time for this, and they have time to reaffirm "In God We Trust" as he national motto. That pesky jobs business? That's for pussies.

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