dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: Catching Up

For those who don't already know, we were part of the over a million people who lost power during last weekend's snowstorm. We were down until Wednesday, so of course my reading (and writing) were severely curtailed. We were comparatively lucky; our new generator at least allowed us to have heat, to let the water in the water heater get warm enough for showers, to run the furnace and fridge much of the time, to make coffee (with the fridge circuit turned off) have a light on in the living room, and charge up the cell phones. Now at the time we had this setup installed, I didn't even think about putting FiOS on the circuits, because I keep forgetting that FiOS phone lasts only eight hours on battery power, so our land line was down and we had no internet, which as you know, makes Jill something something.

So I've been remiss in reading the work of the good people who populate our blogroll, but we can remedy that quickly by posting some links to make it easy for you to read them too.

Ramona's Friday Follies starts with musings on the Fall of the House of Schuller, and runs from there.

There is ongoing fission at the Fukushima nuclear site. Did you hear about it? I didn't.

Karen Garcia on New York's Shrillionaire Mayor. (Editorial Note: Bloomberg's third term is showing that maybe he should have quit while he was ahead.)

I know, he's an easy target, but Susan of Texas takes on Ross Douthat. (Does it make me a bad person that I really, really wanted to refer to him as "Rose Douchebag"?)

If you've suffered serious financial problems (credit card issues, mortgage problems, etc.) and you live in central and northern New Jersey, Matt Taibbi wants to hear from you. Bonus Taibbi: Winning and cheating are not the same thing.

The New York Crank muses on who ratted out Herman Cain.

Tom Degan walks up to the 2012 electoral counter and orders the shit sandwich.

Some laughable Republican Stoopid from Thump and Whip.

And finally, using the LinkedIn network model, we link to This Week in the Slacktiverse over at Slacktivist.

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